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You Are Weatherwatch

Listen well, my brothers and sisters. Fortune calls to us from the horizon! You’ve been searching for something all your life. But you’ve been told that longing for anything more than what’s around you is fruitless, searching for anything beyond your life a waste. But your heart longs to challenge the words of your parents, teachers, and elders. You are pulled by the string of fate to make your own discoveries, to explore the world for yourself. You ache to forge your own beliefs, blaze unwalked trails. You may be headstrong, but also smart and resourceful. You may be gregarious, having made many friends along your life’s path (and maybe an enemy or two.)

You are undoubtedly spontaneous. Your sharp tongue might land you in a scrape, but you’ll never fear plunging back into the fray. After all, there’s an opportunity to be had, and who knows if it’ll come around again?

Know there’s a reason for your longing, a purpose to your pangs. The thing you seek but cannot name is what Weatherwatchers call The Further Fire. And you will spend your every spare thought, your life’s every moment, hunting it, seeking it, called by it. So heed the call and follow, for the truth you have always wanted to hear is that nothing here is more exhilarating than the wind in your face as you race towards adventure. Nothing is more comforting than the luck of the sea and the blessing of the sky, and no challenge can’t be overcome with a flash of your smile or a slash of your blade! With a little charm, a resourceful plan, and the determination to beat the odds, you will meet the call out there in the unknown and return home to a rousing crowd of those who once doubted you to share the spoils of your victory! 

So come, let us tarry no longer! Let’s head out across the wilder waters. Who knows the dangers we might find there, what wrongs we may right, the endless treasures that await us? What fires we may light and be kindled by in turn!

Onward, to The Further Fire. We are Weatherwatch!

Magimystic Affinity:

The Swift Tongues of Kalivar
Fall Watch
Languidimensional Touch

What If?

What if this was all true? What if magic was real, and there was a time when you could have joined your chosen guild and learned to practice arcane arts with other believers?

What if you still could? Would you?

That longing you have for something else— your belief that there is something more, something bigger than just this world— there’s a reason for it.

You’ve been called.

If you’re ready, click the button below. We’ve provided everything you need to prepare for your journey to the truth, to connect with others who have already learned the truth, and to take your place in a story that can’t be told without you.

All you have to do is answer the call. Are you ready?

By Answering The Call, You'll Receive:

The Monarch Papers: Flora & Fauna, volume one of our magimystic discoveries so far, recounted by journalist Martin Rank and author CJ Bernstein, whose children originally found the Guide.

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