Thornmouth – Ackerly Green's Guide to Magiq

You Are Thornmouth

It tears at you, doesn’t it? The void you cannot fill. The itch in your mind that you can’t scratch. Have you ever felt a single night stretch endlessly on and on, as you lost yourself within the pages of a fascinating book? Did you realize at the time that you were performing magic, a rare, innate incantation called The Endless Night of Learning? You were born with a gift, a light that burns inside you, a fire that feeds on knowledge. The more you learn and seek the truth of this world and worlds beyond, study the ancient deeds and lost accounts, or the great forgotten histories, the more brilliant the Mindflame grows.”

You are a lantern in a diminished world, lifting your light high, pushing back the shadows with the brilliant fire of knowledge. 

You are a beacon for the world, to help remember the past, understand the present, and shape what is to come. Perhaps you will be an historian, a scientist, astronomer, scholar, teacher. You might long to unravel The Great Historical Unknown, or perhaps explore the connections and systems that underlie this world and what lies above, below… Beyond. All who carry the flame are welcome to share in our solitude of learning, those who carry within them the burning wish to know all are beckoned forth. Hold aloft the light of the Mindflame.

In time you might learn the magimystics to decipher forgotten languages, unravel ciphered texts, piece together the shattered shards of secret ages. You may incite a book to speak its words to you as you coax another to reveal its subliminal subtexts. You will study great magic and learn more than a common mind could ever hope to hold. Knowledge is the ultimate prize in this existence, your life’s reward to find the truth in everything, and to shine all you know down upon the world.

Explorers of then and to come, the reaches beyond, and the source within. We are Thornmouth.

Magimystic Affinity:

Time Shifting
Second Mind
Astral Thinking
Tome Kindling
Peering Arts