Before You Begin – Ackerly Green's Guide to Magiq


This is the culmination of years of work and dedication, and here it is: the beginning of everything that is to come. You are moments from knowing what you have begged to know.

You must be mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of the following exam. You must center your mind and left justify your body. You must gird your spirit and steady your physical hands.

The guide will look like a collection of strange questions, many of which you won’t be sure how to answer, and that is the point. It is more than an exam. It is a scope that can look into your very spirit, hint at your possible future, and portend your affinity, guild affiliation, and what source you might draw your magimystical power from, if you are adept at magic at all.

For the assessment to be truly effective, you MUST take your time and answer every question as who you are RIGHT NOW, not who you wish to be someday. The guide will know the difference, and if you don’t answer truthfully… well, as the old saying goes, “Woe betide those who cross the MAGIQ Guide.”

If you do not agree with the outcome, you may, of course, take the exam again at another time. Magimystical currents are everchanging and fickle, as is the truth. And though the Guide is perfect in its execution, you are allowed to choose your own path.

Now close your eyes. Now open them. How did you know that I asked you to open your eyes if they were closed? Do you have transparent eyelids?