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A voice calls to you in the rustle of leaves. The echo in a darkened hollow. Your name is on the breath of the world. Hear it now. While others talk ceaselessly, you listen. Not to the chatter of society, or the empty rules and procedures of civilization. You have always been drawn to the wild, the untamed. The trappings of culture hold no interest for you, nor the false borders and boundaries it provides. Perhaps you hear another call: the words of the land itself. It speaks of desecration and decay, of birth and rebirth. It asks for help, and, in turn, offers it. It calls for a protector and longs to protect under its great canopy.

There are no laws. Natural rule is a lie. The world heeds a higher law. Whether you know it or not, you have been called to tend that deeper balance, The Great Chaos of the verdant world.

This land is as beautiful as it is wild and dangerous, powerful. But still, it needs caretakers, seers, sentinel— those who will take up the mantle, to cut away the blight and nurture the fragile seeds of beauty. Regardless of the ramifications to the unnatural world. You will bring shade where brightest, and light where darkest, for now you know this land has endured longer than memory and deeper than rational thought. And it will continue to endure under your care. For that is your calling. Your love for nature and awareness of a deeper, more verdant truth in the world will lead you to ancient paths of knowledge, and skills to defend it. Lay your hands in the soil and borrow powerful magic, magic that calls on the chaotic source of all magic. You will be granted gifts to destroy and to repair. Under your judgment. Free of law. Only The Great Chaos matters now.

As an agent of the land, your obligation is to seek out the patterns of decay and life reaching for the sky, feel where change is required, and take action.

“The land endures. The land, and you, are Balimora.”

Magimystic Affinity:

Faulton Fray’s Decay
Charm and Deception
Bestiary Arts

What If?

What if this was all true? What if magic was real, and there was a time when you could have joined your chosen guild and learned to practice arcane arts with other believers?

What if you still could? Would you?

That longing you have for something else— your belief that there is something more, something bigger than just this world— there’s a reason for it.

You’ve been called.

If you’re ready, click the button below. We’ve provided everything you need to prepare for your journey to the truth, to connect with others who have already learned the truth, and to take your place in a story that can’t be told without you.

All you have to do is answer the call. Are you ready?

By Answering The Call, You'll Receive:

The Monarch Papers: Flora & Fauna, volume one of our magimystic discoveries so far, recounted by journalist Martin Rank and author CJ Bernstein, whose children originally found the Guide.

Access to the Guide to MAGIQ’s secret second half. Learn your special place within your guild by taking the Guild Bearing assessment.

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